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March 2020 Edition

October 2020
Mali, West Africa: What do the Covid crisis, gold mining, and armed rebel groups have in common? All three involve reasons why the number of children being trafficked in Mali rose considerably in 2020.
April 2020
Nigeria, West Africa: For decades, not just years, Nigeria has been facing religious violence that threatens the stability of this huge West African nation of 181 million with chaos and destruction.
April 2020
Locusts and East Africa: What comes to your mind when you think of a locust invasion? Do you think of an uncontrollable force? An invading army? Perhaps something demonic? Swarms of destructive insects are almost impossible to contain, but no one can afford to just sit and allow them to devour an entire grain harvest.
February 2020
India, South Asia: When refugees and immigrants flee, how should a host country determine whether or not to admit them? The U.S. is not the only nation to deal with this question. India also is facing how to answer this question, and their long history is providing them with an answer, and it might not be a just one. Read on and find out more.
December 2019
Myanmar: We have all heard about Myanmar’s oppression of the Muslim Rohingya people, but they are also oppressing many others as well, even those who are Buddhist like the Burmese majority. People involved in a play that satirized the military were arrested.
November 2019
India, South Asia: Can you imagine what it must be like for a child who is being raised by mutually hostile divorced parents? The peoples of Kashmir, of northern India, Pakistan and China, experience this tragic situation in a different way.
August 2019
What Will Happen When the US Leaves Afghanistan?: In a few months, we will be celebrating a new decade! Are you optimistic about the 2020s? If you are from Afghanistan, you can probably expect things to go from bad to worse.

Despite the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2003, the Taliban has managed to maintain much power. In a three-month period, clashes between Afghanistan’s security forces and the Taliban have claimed the lives of over 590
July 2019
Kazakhstan: The Kazakhs of Kazakhstan are going through an identity crisis, but that has happened many times before! They once had a small church until Arab Muslim missionaries brought Islam to Kazakhstan in the 8th century, and Islam became part of their identity for centuries.
June 2019
Political Unrest in Sudan: In the case of Sudan, the end of the bloody regime of Omar al-Bashir, who had ruled since 1989, did not necessarily mean that better days were coming.
May 2019
A New Era of Religious Persecution in China: A “winter” of persecution is sweeping over China. The government is persecuting the church more than it has since the Cultural Revolution of 1966-76. Since 2014, the Chinese government has been taking crosses down from churches, closing and demolishing many. This new era of church persecution is not aimed only against Christians.
April 2019
March 2019
Malaysia: Have you ever seen an emerald in the sunlight? That is a symbolic description of Malaysia
February 2019
China: In 2018, 100,000 or more Christians are thought to have been arrested in China. Compared to 3,700 in 2017, this is a staggering escalation of persecution
December 2018
Myanmar: Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has colorful ethnic groups and rich natural resources but is a nation with a bad reputation.
November 2018
Nigeria: The “Giant of Africa,” Nigeria is the continent’s largest country, in size, population and in faith.
August 2018
Eritrea: Recently known as the “North Korea of Africa,” Eritrea is on the precipice of major change.
July 2018
Yemen: Located on the southern region of the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen is an arid desert country that has long held the infamous position as the Arab world’s most impoverished country.
June 2018
Nepal: Nepal has one of the fastest-growing Christian populations in the world!
May 2018
Cambodia: Cambodia nestles peacefully in the Gulf of Thailand.
April 2018
Sudan, North Africa: Once the largest nation in Africa, Sudan is a country of differences