Day 1

India, South Asia

Population: 1,324,171,354
Chief of State: President Ram Nath Kovind
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Christians: 2.2%
Evangelical Christians: Unknown
Dominant Religion: Hinduism
Persecution Ranking: 10th
Life Expectancy: 68.13 Years
Literacy Rate: 74.04%
Population Below Poverty Line: 29.8%
Refugees Living in India: 205,012

The world’s second most populous country, India offers a vast array of languages, and cultures. India gave birth to Hinduism, but hosts the world’s second largest Muslim population. Also the world’s largest democracy, India suffers with corruption resulting in great economic disparity. The leading Hindu nationalist party continues to bring unabated Christian persecution. This year, Prime Minister Modi’s re-election brings fears of his growing control and authority over the nation and the power of his Hindu agenda. India also moved to withdraw the special privileges of disputed territory, Kashmir. Protected by a militant branch of Hinduism, radical Hindus attack Christian Hindu Background Believers with impunity. Although the Indian constitution allows for the freedom of religion, many Indian states have adopted anti-conversion legislation.

Praise Report
Praise God that many Christians continue to fearlessly proclaim the Gospel and the Church continues to grow (The Bible, Mark 16:15).

Prayer Requests
Pray that the attitudes of the president and government towards Christians in India will be transformed, increasing commitment to compassion and protection (The Bible, Isaiah 30:18).

Pray for unity to grow between Christians in this nation. Pray that they will form partnerships and strategies to see the extension of the Gospel in their regions (The Bible, Ephesians 4:4).

Call to Salvation
Pray for those who persecute the Church. Ask God to release many dreams, visions and encounters with Jesus that bring people to faith (The Bible, Romans 12:14).

Sources: WIN
Mauritania, North Africa
Population: 4,081,000
Chief of State: President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Yahya Ould Hademine
Christians: 0.3%
Evangelical Christians: 0.1%
Dominant Religion: Islam
Persecution Ranking: 25th
Life Expectancy: 62.7 Years
Literacy Rate: 58.6%
Population Below Poverty Line: 40%
Refugees Living in Mauritania: 76,048

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The Islamic Republic of Mauritania lies on the Atlantic coast of North Africa. It is expansively a desert country and only 0.4 percent of its land is arable. With vast areas of its territory as a largely unpopulated desert, laws are very difficult to enforce. Reportedly IS, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram run terrorist training camps in the country. Only 52 per cent of Mauritanians are literate. Women fare worse with only 42 per cent being able to read and write, while 63 per cent of men have this essential life skill. Frequent droughts and floods are the main cause for scarce resources and malnutrition. Slavery and institutionalized racism are still common here. Those who convert from Islam lose citizenship and may be subjected to the death penalty by law. As a result, the state is a major source of Christian persecution, and that persecution is increasing. The country is one of the poorest Arab nations with a range of social and political problems, including racism, slavery, illiteracy, child marriage and female genital mutilation.

Praise Report
Praise God for those who are trying to educate the illiterate adults and the children in Mauritania that they will be able to learn the truth about Jesus Christ (The Bible, Proverbs 13:14).

Prayer Requests
Pray that illiterate believers in Mauritania will understand the love of Christ as they seek God with limited access to Scripture (The Bible, 2 Timothy 3:15).

Pray that those suffering under the bondage of slavery will understand freedom in Christ And experience liberation in Him (The Bible, John 8:36).

Call to Salvation
Pray that Christians will find ways to share their faith and God will give them words to say and protect them from blasphemy accusations (The Bible, Psalm 27:12).

Sources: WIN