Day 10

Benin, West Africa
Population: 10,449,000
Chief of State: President Thomas Yayi Boni
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Lionel Zinsou
Christians: 31.7%
Evangelical Christians: 7.2%
Dominant Religion: Christianity
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Life Expectancy: 61.47 Years
Literacy Rate: 42.4%
Population Below Poverty Line: 37.4%
Refugees Living in Benin: 483

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Nigerian and Benin police cooperated in a joint operation resulting in the rescue of 216 victims of human trafficking. Of those rescued, 157 were child slaves who had been forced into manual labor, work as housemaids or prostitution. Police continue to investigate how to dismantle the criminal networks involved in human trafficking. It is estimated that almost 60,000 people work as slaves in Benin. Pray that the governments in this region will aggressively deal with human trafficking. Ask God to dismantle the spiritual strongholds that feed this horrendous industry (The Bible, John 3:19).

Interpol rescues 157 child slaves in Benin, Nigeria (AfricaNews)

Indonesia, South Asia
Population: 255,994,000
Chief of State: President Joko Widodo
Head of Gov.: President Joko Widodo
Christians: 12.9%
Evangelical Christians: 2.8%
Dominant Religion: Sunni Islam
Persecution Ranking: 30th
Life Expectancy: 72.45 Years
Literacy Rate: 92.8%
Population Below Poverty Line: 11.7%
Refugees Living in Indonesia: 11,186

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Indonesia’s recent presidential election was peaceful, quiet and uneventful. There were no demonstrations, protests, or even campaign activities. Some say the results were also uneventful. The re-election of President Widodo was expected. Generally, people regard him as largely having kept his previous election promises. Critics say deeper change and greater democracy will not come until his successor is elected. Pray for the salvation of Mr Widodo (The Bible, Acts 4:12).

Indonesia’s Surprisingly Quiet Election (The Diplomat)