Day 11

Laos, Southeast Asia
Population: 6,912,000
Chief of State: President Chuomaly Sayasone
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong
Christians: 3.2%
Evangelical Christians: 2.1%
Dominant Religion: Buddhism
Persecution Ranking: 20th
Life Expectancy: 63.88 Years
Literacy Rate: 73%
Population Below Poverty Line: 22%
Refugees Living in Laos: 7,559

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When a billion-dollar dam collapsed in July 2018, it left at least 35 dead and over 7,000 homeless. The Laotian government called in an international team of experts to investigate the dam failure. Months later, the investigations are ongoing, but work on approximately 50 dams still continues. With hundreds more dams planned for the country, environmentalists are sounding the alarm that the Mekong River system in Laos could be devastated, along with the lives of those relying on it. Ask God to intervene, bringing wisdom, and pray that the government will be open to international advice (The Bible, Proverbs 12:15).

Is Laos facing a dam disaster? (CNN)

Western Sahara, North Africa
Population: 571,000
Chief of State: President Mohamed Abdelaziz
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Abdelkader Taleb Oumar
Christians: 0.0%
Evangelical Christians: 0.0%
Dominant Religion: Sunni Islam
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Life Expectancy: 62.64 Years
Literacy Rate: Unknown
Population Below Poverty Line: Unknown
Refugees Living in Western Sahara: 117,659

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The first U.N.-backed discussions on the disputed Western Sahara region opened in Geneva, but expectations remained low, with the meeting seen as just a first step toward resuming dialogue. Six years after direct talks broke down, Morocco and the Polisario Front, which fought a war over the region are taking part in the round-table discussions along with Algeria and Mauritania. The U.N. meanwhile has described the talks as a first step toward a renewed negotiations process with the aim of reaching a just, lasting and mutually acceptable solution. Pray that the conflict in Western Sahara will be solved through peaceful negotiations. Pray that peace will win over enmity and the people will benefit through good results (The Bible, Proverbs 15:1).

UN Western Sahara talks end with pledge to meet in 2019