Day 11

Laos, Southeast Asia
Population: 6,912,000
Chief of State: President Chuomaly Sayasone
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong
Christians: 3.2%
Evangelical Christians: 2.1%
Dominant Religion: Buddhism
Persecution Ranking: 19th
Life Expectancy: 63.88 Years
Literacy Rate: 73%
Population Below Poverty Line: 22%
Refugees Living in Laos: 7,559

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Laos Christians have spoken out about what it means to follow Christ in their nation. In the middle of a church service, the police conducted a raid and arrested three church leaders. Later that evening they came back and arrested a further four Christians. The police then came back a third time and demolished the church’s stage, cut off the power lines to the church, destroyed their sound system and confiscated three mobile phones. The Christians were released from detention five days later.

Pray that Christians will have the courage to keep meeting despite the threat of this kind of harassment.
Pray for protection over church buildings and equipment as well (The Bible, 2 Thessalonians 3:3).

Christians detained for holding “illegal” church service (Barnabas Fund)

Western Sahara, North Africa
Population: 571,000
Chief of State: President Mohamed Abdelaziz
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Abdelkader Taleb Oumar
Christians: 0.0%
Evangelical Christians: 0.0%
Dominant Religion: Sunni Islam
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Life Expectancy: 62.64 Years
Literacy Rate: Unknown
Population Below Poverty Line: Unknown
Refugees Living in Western Sahara: 117,659

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Sabah Njourni a 24-year-old Sahrawi woman, was killed after she was run over by two Moroccan auxiliary force cars. This was the result of clashes between Sahrawi protesters and Moroccan security forces. The protesters were celebrating Algeria's victory in the Africa Cup of Nations on July 19, 2019. Algeria has been sympathetic to the Sahrawi cause.

Pray for the international community, especially the United States and the European Union to sanction the Moroccan authorities responsible for Sabah Njourni's death (The Bible, Psalm 7:9).

Morocco/Western Sahara: Investigate brutal crackdown on Sahrawi protesters