Day 14

Albania, Southeast Europe
Population: 3,029,000
Chief of State: President Bujar Nishani
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Edi Rama
Christians: 26.7%
Evangelical Christians: 0.4%
Dominant Religion: Islam
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Life Expectancy: 77.54 Years
Literacy Rate: 96.8%
Population Below Poverty Line: 14.3%
Refugees Living in Albania: 8,032

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Albania was once the poorest nation in Europe, but poverty has been cut by more than half and the economy continues to show positive signs of growth. Despite having a well-known mob, Albania made notable steps in combating drugs, weapons and human trafficking. Last year the European Commission said Albania had shown enough progress towards implementing the required reforms that accession negotiations can begin. Under Communist rule, no religion was allowed. Now, Islam claims twice as many followers as Christianity. Christian Believers enjoy worshipping openly in a country that once restricted religious freedom, although, most who claim Christianity are reported to be nominal in their faith.

Praise Report
Praise God that children’s ministry is drawing whole families into church and multiple generations are coming to faith (The Bible, Genesis 9:12).

Prayer Requests
This year’s election was largely boycotted resulting in very low voter turn out. Pray for a righteous government (The Bible, Psalm 1:1).
Leading up to the elections, large scale protests called for the government to resign over allegations of involvement in organized crime. Pray this will be purged from the new government (The Bible, Psalm 37:16).

Call to Salvation
Pray that Christians in Albania will be trained in effective evangelism to share their faith with the neighbors and friends (The Bible, 1 Corinthians 1:17).

Sources: WIN
Morocco, North Africa
Population: 33,323,000
Chief of State: King Mohammed VI
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Abdelilah Benikrane
Christians: 0.2%
Evangelical Christians: 0.0%
Dominant Religion: Sunni Islam
Persecution Ranking: 35th
Life Expectancy: 76.71 Years
Literacy Rate: 67.1%
Population Below Poverty Line: 15%
Refugees Living in Morocco: 3,048

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The Kingdom of Morocco is the most westerly of the North African countries known as the Maghreb - the "Arab West". Morocco is a primarily urban country. Currently nearly 60% of the population lives in a city. This trend of urbanization continues to grow at a rate of 2% every year, as more and more Moroccans move out of the countryside into the cities. Morocco is full of beautiful and diverse landscapes, making it easy to overlook the cities and the millions of Moroccans who live there. The suppression of Christian activity is meant to forestall sectarian conflict desired by extremists in other African Muslim countries. There are just a few thousand Moroccan Christians in the country, but they often keep their faith secret, making it hard to know them. Moroccans are expected to be loyal to Islam, king and country. If a Muslim decides to follow Jesus, it is seen as a source of shame to their families and communities. Christians have been accused of being disloyal to the king. Expatriate churches are monitored to make sure Moroccans are not attending services. It is illegal to share the gospel with Muslims, and expatriates have been deported after being accused of this.

Praise Report
Praise God for Moroccan Christians who meet in house churches although they do not have official recognition and permission, risking their lives (The Bible, Acts 15:26)

Prayer Request
Pray that peace will prevail throughout the nation, and those seeking to commit violence will be stymied. Pray that the country’s leaders will fight these conflicts with wisdom and good decision making (The Bible, Proverbs 13:10).
Pray that the church in Morocco with isolated believers will find safe ways to meet with others, and protect believers from Muslims backgrounds from pressure and attack (The Bible, 1 Peter 5:9).

Call to Salvation
Pray that this dry land will be flooded with streams of God’s living water. Pray that the media and online resources will reach individuals in isolated regions and the following-up resulting in many people knowing the Lord (The Bible, Ephesians 1:9).

Source: WIN