Day 15

Iraq, Middle East
Population: 37,056,000
Chief of State: President Faud Masum
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi
Christians: 1.4%
Evangelical Christians: 0.2%
Dominant Religion: Shia Islam
Persecution Ranking: 13th
Life Expectancy: 71.7 Years
Literacy Rate: 80.2%
Population Below Poverty Line: 18.7%
Refugees Living in Iraq: 4,026,483

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Five years have passed since the killing of thousands of Yazidis in Iraq by the Islamic State. The UN launched an investigation into the war crimes against the Yazidis. They are unable to make any reasonable breakthroughs in their investigations.

Pray for God to rise His children to assist the UN investigative team.
Pray for God's comfort upon surviving Yazidis for the physical and for the psychological suffering they are trying to recover from (The Bible, Psalm 6:2).

Iraq’s Yazidis: UN investigates ISIL war crimes

Sri Lanka, South Asia
Population: 22,053,000
Chief of State: President Maithripala Sirisena
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe
Christians: 2.0%
Evangelical Christians: Unknown
Dominant Religion: Buddhism
Persecution Ranking: 46th
Life Expectancy: 76.56 Years
Literacy Rate: 98.1%
Population Below Poverty Line: 8.9%
Refugees Living in Sri Lanka: 33,170

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Since the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, one journalist said, “I have spoken to many Sri Lankans of different faiths, from all walks of life, and they feel that the nation is capable of shrugging off this latest tragedy and moving forward.” The nation has survived a civil war that claimed more than 60,000 lives, a tsunami disaster that claimed 30,000 lives, and now religious tensions. The Church has been able to overcome ethnic divides as worshippers are both Tamils and Singhalese.

Pray for the Church to be peacemakers in the community (The Bible, John 15:18-21).

The search for religious harmony in Sri Lanka after the Easter Sunday attacks (ABC)