Day 17

China, East Asia
Population: 1,367,485,000
Chief of State: President Xi Jinping
Head of Gov.: Premier Li Keqiang
Christians: 7.8%
Evangelical Christians: 6.3%
Dominant Religion: Non-Religious
Persecution Ranking: 27th
Life Expectancy: 75.3 Years
Literacy Rate: 95.1%
Population Below Poverty Line: 6.1%
Refugees Living in China: 301,519

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Observers are saying religious persecution is the worst it has been in the last 30 years. In the Guangdong province, people are being offered monetary rewards for information that leads to the arrest of unsanctioned religious leaders, and information about unsanctioned church meetings or activities. The rewards can be as larges as US$1500 which is equivalent to about two months of wages for the average citizen. Pray for protection and wisdom over the Church in these difficult days. Pray that God will continue to pour out His courage and increase the faith of Christians who are struggling with fear (The Bible, Mark 5:36).

Chinese City Offers Reward for Ratting on Christians and Other “Illegal” Religious Folk (The New American)

Djibouti, East Africa
Population: 828,000
Chief of State: President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed
Christians: 1.8%
Evangelical Christians: 0.1%
Dominant Religion: Sunni Islam
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Life Expectancy: 62.79 Years
Literacy Rate: 70%
Population Below Poverty Line: 18.8%
Refugees Living in Djibouti: 24,362

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The London Court of International Arbitration ruled that Djibouti must pay US$385 million compensation to UAE port operator DP World. DP World has for 13 years operated a port in Djibouti that receives goods for landlocked Ethiopia. They have a 50-year contract on the port operations which Djibouti cancelled saying the deal was compromising its national sovereignty. This ruling is a big blow for Djibouti’s economic situation. Pray that Djibouti will act wisely and honestly. Also pray that all the foreign businesses that are involved in Djibouti’s ports will operate with equity and bring genuine economic benefits to Djibouti’s citizens (The Bible, Proverbs 11:3).

Djibouti ordered to pay $385 million to DP World (AfricaNews)