Day 17

China, East Asia
Population: 1,367,485,000
Chief of State: President Xi Jinping
Head of Gov.: Premier Li Keqiang
Christians: 7.8%
Evangelical Christians: 6.3%
Dominant Religion: Non-Religious
Persecution Ranking: 27th
Life Expectancy: 75.3 Years
Literacy Rate: 95.1%
Population Below Poverty Line: 6.1%
Refugees Living in China: 301,519

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In September China celebrated the 70th anniversary of Chairman Mao declaring the founding of the People’s Republic of China. President Xi Jinping’s speech was filled with praise for the people of China, “There’s no force that can shake the foundations of this great nation. No force can stop the Chinese people and the Chinese nation forging ahead!” Today we declare the Triune God is well able to shake the nation of China, and is doing so in miraculous ways.

Praise God for the unstoppable growth of the Church in China and ask God to continue to strengthen and sharpen His Church there (The Bible, Psalm 99:1).

Source: With cannon blasts in Tiananmen Square, communist China kicks off the 70th anniversary of its founding (Los Angeles Times)

Djibouti, East Africa
Population: 828,000
Chief of State: President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed
Christians: 1.8%
Evangelical Christians: 0.1%
Dominant Religion: Sunni Islam
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Life Expectancy: 62.79 Years
Literacy Rate: 70%
Population Below Poverty Line: 18.8%
Refugees Living in Djibouti: 24,362

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As recent as the late 1970s, Djibouti was a fertile country where farmers grew their crops providing food for their nation. Today Djibouti imports food from Ethiopia to feed its one million people. In the last ten years in particular, water sources have dried up. Rainfall has decreased, temperatures have increased and the sea levels have risen contaminating inland water sources with salt. The capital city has only half the water it needs to meet its actual needs, so water is only available half the week.

Pray for wisdom as the nations of the world contemplate how to plan for a future where climate change increasingly becomes a reality (The Bible, Proverbs 2:6).

Source: Shortages of food, water and electricity: how Djibouti has been destroyed by climate change (The Telegraph)