Day 19

Taiwan, East Asia
Population: 23,415,000
Chief of State: President Tsai Ing-wen
Head of Gov.: Premier Mao Chi-kuo
Christians: 4.2%
Evangelical Christians: 1.5%
Dominant Religion: Ethnic Religions
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Life Expectancy: 78.97 Years
Literacy Rate: 98.29%
Population Below Poverty Line: 1.5%
Refugees Living in Taiwan: Unknown

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With increasing tensions between Taiwan and China, more voter polls have swung in favor of current president, Tsai Ing-wen, who backed her “measured yet assertive approach to countering Chinese influence in Taiwan.” Taiwan’s sovereignty has become the most important issue in voters’ minds, according to recent research. The main opposition parties are “Beijing-friendly,” so the presidential elections at the start of next year are very important.

Pray that God’s plans for this nation will be upheld.
Pray for the salvation of the president and her family (The Bible, John 5:24).

Taiwan’s President Clears Her Primary Challenge. Will Her Party Get on Board? (The Diplomat)

Bahrain, Arabian Peninsula
Population: 1,347,000
Chief of State: King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Khalifa ibn Salman Al Khalifa
Christians: 8.2%
Evangelical Christians: 2.3%
Dominant Religion: Shia Islam
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Life Expectancy: 78.73 Years
Literacy Rate: 94.6%
Population Below Poverty Line: Unknown
Refugees Living in Bahrain: 353

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In the center of the city, there’s a small unmarked synagogue where a group of Jews gathered for a morning prayer quorum. At the end they joined hands and danced around the bima, singing “Am Yisrael Chai” “This is historic,” Houdie Nonoo said. “It is the first time in my lifetime that I’ve been in this synagogue with a morning minyan, and more than a minyan” Among those participating was Jason Greenblatt, Washington’s Middle East mediator and one of the architects of the “Peace to Prosperity” workshop taking place here. Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, a top aide to US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, gave a brief “dvar Torah” after the services. Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, led the services. Houdie Nonoo, Bahrain’s former ambassador to the US and a member of the tiny Bahraini Jewish community opened the shul.

Pray that the Jewish community will shine as light.
Pray that the synagogue will reach out to the Bahraini people (The Bible, Acts 17:2).

A synagogue in Bahrain? Not your average prayer in the Persian Gulf