Day 20

Brunei, Southeast Asia
Population: 430,000
Chief of State: Sultan and Prime Minister Hassanal Bolkiah
Head of Gov.: Sultan and Prime Minister Hassanal Bolkiah
Christians: 11.8%
Evangelical Christians: 5.2%
Dominant Religion: Sunni Islam
Persecution Ranking: 36th
Life Expectancy: 76.97 Years
Literacy Rate: 95.4%
Population Below Poverty Line: Unknown
Refugees Living in Brunei: 20,524

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New sharia laws say that you can be stoned to death for gay sex. The same punishment is applicable for women who are raped but construed as adulteresses, and also for people who convert from Islam to Christianity. Few people have made any comments concerning the extraordinary international backlash against the anti-gay laws and the virtually complete silence about the same plight faced by Christians.

Pray that people’s eyes and hearts will be softened and opened to recognize this injustice, and for courage to speak up about it.
Pray that the international community will also stand up for religious freedom (The Bible, Luke 19:37-40).

Brunei's draconian new laws don't just affect gay people, Christians are at risk too (Christianity Today)

Lebanon, Middle East
Population: 6,185,000
Chief of State: [Acting] President Tammam Salam
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Tammam Salam
Christians: 32.3%
Evangelical Christians: 0.6%
Dominant Religion: Sunni and Shia Islam
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Life Expectancy: 75.9 Years
Literacy Rate: 89.6%
Population Below Poverty Line: 28.6%
Refugees Living in Lebanon: 1,167,189

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The International Organization for Migration noted its 100,000th resettlement of a refugee residing in Lebanon assisted in beginning a new life in a third country. Lebanon, a country of nearly six million, is home to an additional one million UN-registered refugees. IOM in Lebanon has worked alongside the UN Refugee Agency to resettle refugees to 25 countries. A Syrian refugee father of three who was recently resettled from Lebanon to Canada said,“When we were first told we would be resettled to Canada I was so happy. I know that we can get better services for my son’s medical condition, because we are moving to London in Ontario where they have the best hospitals. My children are going to get better education. We are going to be safe and get back all we have lost in our country.”

Pray that the resettlement of the refugees will continue.
Pray that the countries that opened their doors to the refugees will be blessed (The Bible, Isaiah 16:3).

Marking a Milestone: 100,000 Refugees Resettled from Lebanon Since Eruption of Syrian Crisis