Day 22

Ethiopia, East Africa
Population: 99,466,000
Chief of State: President Mulatu Teshome
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn
Christians: 60.1%
Evangelical Christians: 17.4%
Dominant Religion: Christianity
Persecution Ranking: 28th
Life Expectancy: 57.64 Years
Literacy Rate: 39%
Population Below Poverty Line: 39%
Refugees Living in Ethiopia: 665,240

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A village in the Tigray region has been able to reverse the trend of food insecurity by taking a more sustainable approach to farming the arid land. The success of the community leader’s permaculture approach to small-scale agriculture encouraged other farmers to follow suit. Now they grow enough food and sustain enough cattle to provide for their whole community and have enough to sell. Pray that these sustainable approaches will be a great blessing to more and more regions of Ethiopia (The Bible, Philippians 4:19).

Permaculture brings prosperity to Ethiopia's rural areas (France 24).

Myanmar (Burma), Southeast Asia
Population: 56,320,000
Chief of State: President Thein Sein
Head of Gov.: President Thein Sein
Christians: 8.8%
Evangelical Christians: 5.1%
Dominant Religion: Buddhism
Persecution Ranking: 18th
Life Expectancy: 66.29 Years
Literacy Rate: 92.7%
Population Below Poverty Line: 32.7%
Refugees Living in Myanmar: 1,186,501

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Since the National League for Democracy (NLD) was elected in 2016, many have been disappointed at the pace of change, and economic development. There are signs that the pace is picking up, possibly in response to an awareness that voters will have their say in elections coming up in 2020. Pray that the Lord will bless this nation, and speed things up in His Kingdom work also. Pray that the Church will grow in number and in faith despite persecution. Pray that they will grow in boldness to share their faith. Pray also for miracles, signs and wonders to accompany everything the Church does, demonstrating God’s love and power (The Bible, Acts 14:3).

Erin Murphy on the State of Myanmar’s Economy (The Diplomat)