Day 22

Ethiopia, East Africa
Population: 99,466,000
Chief of State: President Mulatu Teshome
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn
Christians: 60.1%
Evangelical Christians: 17.4%
Dominant Religion: Christianity
Persecution Ranking: 29th
Life Expectancy: 57.64 Years
Literacy Rate: 39%
Population Below Poverty Line: 39%
Refugees Living in Ethiopia: 665,240

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Since Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took up his position, he has brought a gender balanced cabinet to the House of Peoples Representatives, with 10 women and 10 men appointed. He also appointed the first female speaker of parliament, when he created a new ministry, the Ministry for Peace, and appointed Ms Muferiat Kamil. Ms Kamil will oversee the National Intelligence & Security Service (NISS), the Information Network Security Agency (INSA), Federal Police Commission, and many other very significant and important agencies. Pray that the Lord will mightily use this woman to bless this nation (The Bible, Judges 4:4).

Ethiopia's Minister of Peace: the country's most powerful woman? (Africa News)

Myanmar (Burma), Southeast Asia
Population: 56,320,000
Chief of State: President Thein Sein
Head of Gov.: President Thein Sein
Christians: 8.8%
Evangelical Christians: 5.1%
Dominant Religion: Buddhism
Persecution Ranking: 24th
Life Expectancy: 66.29 Years
Literacy Rate: 92.7%
Population Below Poverty Line: 32.7%
Refugees Living in Myanmar: 1,186,501

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Rohingya people are stateless and the UN says they must first be granted citizenship in Myanmar before moving them back can even be considered. Without citizenship, many of them live in camps for internally displaced people. They are without healthcare and education and have no freedom of movement within Myanmar. Pray that God will open up a way for the Rohingya to find a place in this world. Pray that this will be the moment in history that many find an eternal home through salvation in Jesus Christ (The Bible, John 5:24).

What awaits any Rohingya refugees who return to Myanmar? (BBC)