Day 12

Egypt, North Africa
The current president of Egypt is Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, has controlled the country since the 2013 coup d'état, and was officially elected president in 2014. Egypt remains the most populous country in the Arab world and holds great regional and global influence. In Egypt, COVID-19 brought life to a screeching halt. Unemployment levels spiked, food became scarce, and schooling and education programs completely stopped. Persecution has trapped Christians in poverty, isolating them from a quality education and well-paying jobs. The pandemic aggravated these problems. Christians found themselves suffering in ways incomparable to the rest of the country. Unemployment rates within the Christian population skyrocketed. Desperate families began looking for various sources of income.

Praise Report
We praise God for those who could provide for themselves and their children finding peace of mind and comfort in God’s love, especially amidst these trying times (The Bible, Isaiah 26:3).

Prayer Requests
We pray for those who turned to Christ in spite of the increase in persecution. We pray for the Christian families in these uncertain times to receive timely help to withstand the combination of deadly pandemic and persecution (The Bible, Psalm 12:1).

We pray for Egyptians affected by the devastating consequences of COVID-19. We pray that their needs will be met and God’s glory will be revealed to them in an unprecedented way (The Bible, 1 Peter 4:13).

Call to Salvation
Pray that the Coptic and the Evangelical Christians will shine as Godly light and serve as healing salt among the sorrow stricken people and lead many to Christ (The Bible, Matthew 5:13).

Population: 88,487,000
Chief of State: President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Head of Gov.: [Acting] Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab
Christians: 13.0%
Evangelical Christians: 3.4%
Dominant Religion: Sunni Islam
Persecution Ranking: 16th
Life Expectancy: 73.7 Years
Literacy Rate: 73.9%
Population Below Poverty Line: 25.2%
Refugees Living in Egypt: 261,741

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Uzbekistan, Central Asia
The gateway from Asia to Europe, Uzbekistan is Central Asia’s most populous country. The lucrative drug trade flows through this gateway, yet the country remains impoverished. Every autumn, the government requires over one million adults and children to pick cotton, ranking Uzbekistan second on the list for global modern day slavery. Since the new government came to power in 2016, there has been an increasing commitment to reforms and improved relationships with other nations in the region. This has brought a bit more openness in the nation. In 2018 Uzbekistan opened its borders with Tajikistan, which facilitated positive exchange between churches in these nations. Although it is a secular state promoting Islam, the government opposes Islamization. With an “iron fist,” Uzbek leaders control Islamic factions. With that same “iron fist,” Uzbek authorities target Christian Believers and limit freedom for church gatherings.

Praise Report
Praise God that COVID-19 has provided some opportunities for Christians to help meet community needs. Pray that this will open the door for the Gospel to be received (The Bible, Genesis 39:21).

Prayer Requests
Pray for Christians whose churches have been raided and property confiscated to not give in to fear (The Bible, Genesis 15:1).

Many central Asian nations struggle with lack of employment and weak economies. Ask God to release creative solutions to see this situation change (The Bible, Psalm 90:17).

Call to Salvation
Pray for dissatisfaction with the status quo to draw many to search out the Bible for answers leading them to salvation (The Bible, Psalm 5:8).

Christian workers in the region
Population: 29,200,000
Chief of State: President Shavkat Mirziyoyev
Head of Gov.: Deputy Prime Minister Ulugbek Rozukulov
Christians: 2.1%
Evangelical Christians: 0.2%
Dominant Religion: Sunni Islam
Persecution Ranking: 17th
Life Expectancy: 73.55 Years
Literacy Rate: 99.3%
Population Below Poverty Line: 17%
Refugees Living in Uzbekistan: 86,828

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