Day 2

Sudan, North Africa
The Lord provides the Living Waters to the thirsty and the weary souls.

We bless the Sudanese that they will freely draw water from the wells of salvation and rejoice in God. We pray that they will give praise to the Lord, proclaim His name; make known among the nations what He has done, and proclaim that His name is exalted.

We pray that through the talks that Sudan holds with Egypt and Ethiopia over the dam on Blue Nile that they will reach a binding agreement. We pray for the Ethiopian refugees who fled to Sudan to find proper care against the spreading of the CORONAVIRUS.

We pray that the Sudanese Believers will taste and see that the Lord is good (The Bible, Isaiah 12:3,4).

Population: 41,592,539
Sovereignty Council: Abdel Fattah al-Burhan
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok
Federal parliamentary republic under a provisional government
Christians: 5%
Evangelical Christians: 0.4%
Dominant Religion: Islam
Persecution Ranking: 6th
Life Expectancy: 59.8 Years
Literacy Rate: 71.9%
Population Below Poverty Line: 46.5%
Refugees Living in Sudan: 2,498,776

South Sudan, North Africa
We declare the all-time present help of God for those who seek Him over the country of South Sudan.

Bless those facing intense climatic changes, conflict-fueled famine and the humanitarian crisis due to the CORONAVIRUS pandemic.

We pray that the multitudes of children suffering from severe acute malnutrition will get urgent medical treatment to save them from dying. We pray that this young nation struggling to recover from civil war will seek God who breaks the bows of war and causes the battles to cease.

We cry out for the children who are dying in the hands of the helpless mothers. We pray the people will hope for sustainable peace. (The Bible, Psalm 46:1-2)

Population: 12,230,730
Chief of State: President Salva Kiir Mayardit
Head of Gov.: President Salva Kiir Mayardit
Christians: 58.1%
Evangelical Christians: 11.3%
Dominant Religion: Christianity
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Life Expectancy: 62.04 Years
Literacy Rate: 27%
Population Below Poverty Line: 50.6
Refugees Living in South Sudan: 2,093,729

Afghanistan, South Asia
God provides rest. Thank you, Lord, that You can lead people in Afghanistan to a place of rest, a place in green fields and beside still water.

In the midst of the political and civil turmoil in this nation, thousands are reaching out to ask questions about Jesus and the Bible through social media and the internet.

Pray that God would reveal Himself as the one who provides rest to each of these hungry, tired and seeking souls. We ask for a mighty harvest in Afghanistan this year (The Bible, Psalm 23:2).

A Christian ministry to Afghanistan

Population: 32,225,560
Chief of State: President Ashraf Ghani
Head of Gov.: President Ashraf Ghani
Christians: 0.1%
Evangelical Christians: 0.0%
Dominant Religion: Islam
Persecution Ranking: 2nd
Life Expectancy: 60.93 Years
Literacy Rate: 31%
Population Below Poverty Line: 36%
Refugees Living in Afghanistan: 1,324,996